English poems – by Lasse

Mixed English poems – by Lasse Efskind – 2020


Dreams run deep in Africa

as were they mixed with dark matter

They lift up the roof of time

to set free all dwelling dimensions

Dreaming then takes you

deeper and deeper down

to a new sunshine,

to the spirit of Africa

the spirit of Africa

  • the dreams go deeper and deeper in Africa –
  • the dreams are deep in Africa –
  • deeper and deeper and deeper … –



The path to enlightenment starts/ by putting my head in my heart/ The united universe of my brain and blood is giving/ the energy making all for me living/ The enlightenment of being alive, thou small/ holds in its hand the path from nothing to all.



  1. Life is a catch and release/ it´s a storm and calm breeze/ Love is a living thing/ it may cry and sing.
  2. Different ages and different soles/ gives to my life a leisure/ Can it be captured as a hole/ in the art of my pleasure?


  1. If you kill it you have to eat/ but I am not hungry now/ My ambition in life meet/ my brain and stomachs love.


  1. Killing an apple or animal/ makes no big difference I think/ All living are honoured a life/ but facing digestion to stink.
  2. To be on the spot/ he was not/ To be in life/ that was his wife.



The forest stand green, the ocean lies blue/ My love one/ lend your head to my shoulder/ don’t feel too much pride/ I see in your eyes/ that its true (you aren’t bolder)/ you have cried/ Come with me/ where no one has been/ and were thoughts are new/ The forest stand green, the ocean lies blue.



I am thinking of your eyes

They are the shining surface

of a beautiful mind

I am longing for your body

close to mine as well

thou I so alone here dwell

It is only one of your kind


The Africans meet life to fight

with a crystal-clear coloured mind

even giving dark matter light

The shame is on us acting blind


The Africans meet death

with spirits of power

Their ancestors love and sweat

guide them through timeless cower



The people of Cuba

follow the path of Fidel

a path that is stoned and steep

but still pointing a promising way.

So, they struggle, dance and dream

they face the world each day

with sun and rain,

they smile and laugh and entertain,

but much like the crying clown.


We westerners still in better shape

also meet life with fights that never ends,

in battles and barricades for rights

in the magic of markets for making.

And, we are all

facing the money conquistadors

that takes more and more and more.


In art style but not for bread we say:

less is more, less is more …

Indeed, in the long march for life

in the daily battle for bread

we all are comrades in arms.

In the long march for life

we all are comrades in arms.



There is no ghost

in the machine of mine

When it stops, it’s all done

and that’s fine.


It’s a tiny edge

between good and evil

between cruel and kind

Like a surgical blade

it cuts my sole and mind

But the blade holders’ hand, I know

is like flowers leaves and roots

that take its force from

high above and deep below.



How can I prove 
that I love you 

threw light, darkness, ambiguity

How can I know I reach you 

through this hard heartless fight 

I looked at myself from all sides now 

from glamour and a grim smile site 

From far above and deep below 

From morning glow to endless night 

Above all this your shining eyes 

gives me the hunger for to be 

to look at you is getting vice 

but how
can I concur you to see 

what I feel for sure 


Trying to be together, to go forward and to share what we have of love – hasn’t that always been the big challenge – and in so many ways.


The only way is together

The only way is forward

The only way is love


Like it or not, but go together

Like it or not, go forward

Like it or not, make love


So, follow the lead together

Follow the lead forward

Follow the lead of love


We will wait for you



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